4. G-Man – Half-Life

The illusive and mysterious G-Man would be higher on this list if we knew which side he actually operated on. Perhaps the most enigmatic charter in all of gaming, the G-Man pops up at the most inopportune, sometimes opportune, moments across the Half-Life series of games.

Even to this day, more than a decade after the the original Half-Life was released, G-Man’s identity and motives remain almost completely unexplained. Throughout the franchise, he plays the role of the omniscient deity as he remarks on the Gordon’s progress via grainy, blurry mind-control sequences. He also clearly has the supernatural ability to control almost any outcome or situation that Gordon find himself in as well as the power to stop time itself (evident by the ending events of Half-Life 2), making him out to be a seemingly insurmountable enemy should he ever reveal himself as a villain.


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