8. Psycho Mantis – Metal Gear Solid

Tough bosses are one thing, but trying to take down a bad guy who can literally break the Fourth Wall is a new challenge altogether. Metal Gear‘s Psycho Mantis is a wholly unique villain in the sense that his operating space goes beyond the confines of your 22-inch TV screen.

A shady telekinetic clairvoyant with little more than a menacing looking gas mask, Psycho Mantis does not pose the biggest threat upon first glance. He can’t shoot fireballs from his hands and does not posses superhuman strength. His most utilized defense is to throw commonplace objects at you. But the reason we fear him is not the fact that he can chuck a stapler at your head. Psycho Mantis will mindf**k you, the gamer, in a way that few other villains throughout the history of gaming have been able to. The telekinetic can read your actual memory card, analyzing which games you’ve been playing and how many times you’ve saved. He then even makes your screen go blank, giving the allusion that he’s erased everything you’ve saved. If making you believe that your five games of Parappa the Rapper are lost is not enough to gain you a place amongst the most evil villains of all time, I’m not sure what is.



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