6. Zeus – God of War

Of course, the King of Olympus who has the ability to manipulate the power of lightning and do just about anything he damn well pleases, was bound to make his appearance on this list eventually. Within the God of War universe, Zeus initially aids his son Kratos in killing the evil and deceitful god of War, Ares. After Kratos takes his place on Mount Olympus, Zeus gets a tad frightened that his son his coming for his place and throne. Instead of having some cliche father-son chit chat, Zeus tricks Kratos into draining his godly powers into the Blade of Olympus. Kratos, stripped of his power, becomes mortal again, allowing dear-old dad to finish him. Unfortunately for Zeus, Kratos gets pissed by the concept of his dad betraying and killing him. Understandable. His decent to the Underworld sets in motion one of the most brutal, gruesome, and all-around epic vengeance tales the gaming industry has to offer, at last ending when Kratos kills his old man with the very blade he once forced his son to drain his powers into.


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