3. Illusive Man – Mass Effect

Though the Illusive Man plays the role of helpful, guiding benefactor in Mass Effect 2 (after all, it was he who brought Commander Shepard back to life), he settles nicely into the role of antagonistic bastard bent on galactic domination in Mass Effect 3. Though he claims his only goal is to elevate humanity to its “rightful place” in the galaxy, he has an odd way of going about it. The Illusive Man remains steadfast in his belief that the only way to survive the apocalyptic extermination by the Reapers, a sentient race of ancient, massive aliens capable of destroying entire planets, is to control them rather than destroy them. Shepard, as well as the rest of the Earth, share the same thought process: both the Reapers and the Illusive Man need to be nixed.

It never becomes clear whether T.I.M. and his oppressive military force, Cerberus, wish to control the reapers for the sake of saving mankind or simply want the Reaper technology to exercise force over all other races in the galaxy. Regardless, T.I.M.’s snarky attitude gradually build up the your anticipation to kick him  square in the balls when you finally come face-to-face with him, seeing as how he is a villain who deals exclusively through holographic communication. A bad guy cannot do anything more to piss off a player than to rob them of the opportunity to beat the sh*t out of them, so finally getting the chance to put a bullet between his eyes at the end of the Mass Effect trilogy makes the anticipated moment that much more rewarding.



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