9. Darth Malak – Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Anyone who can pose a legitimate threat to the security of the galaxy without the use or application of a jaw is worthy of remembrance. Darth Malak, the unrelenting evil Jedi of BioWare’s RPG epic, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, did much more to earn his red lightsaber than kill a few good guys. No, Malak was the extremist type. To ensure his status among the villainous Star Wars elite, Malak destroyed the entire planet of Taris in his search for just one Jedi. What an a**hole.

The brutality of the Leviathon, a massive cruiser capable of wiping out planets within minutes, was under the command of Malak as was the Star Forge, a massive station capable of producing large quantities of fighters. Weapons like these should clearly be limited to those who still have the bottom half of their face.

During the final battle of Knights of the Old Republic, Malak showcases his truly wicked nature. His skills and powers prove to be a difficult challenge as is, but the fact that he can run mid-fight to captive Jedis and drain their life to recharge his health is not only frustrating, it’s imbalanced as hell. What could possibly add more fuel to your hatred of such a vile character? The only way to finish Malak off is to destroy the source of his regeneration – kill the other virtuous, helpless Jedi.


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