Counting down the Top 10 Video Game Villains

Even back when gamers were popping quarters into gaming cabinets,  the notion of the “video game villain” has always been at the very center of the industry’s culture and an indispensable mechanism that pushes each and every video game forward. Without the villain and the conflict they present, there is never any reason for a player to pick up a controller or wield a joystick. Villains are a driving force of the video games we know and love, and there is unquestionably a reason as to why some stick with us, making our skin crawl and teeth grind long after the game itself is turned off.

Gaming villains do much more than simply give us as players trials and obstacles to overcome. While some villains are present solely as an impediment, others take on a distinctive, definable persona that transcends the game entirely. Every once in a while, gamers come across a villain that is particularly intriguing, sometimes downright unforgettable. In such instances, the game will facilitate a relationship to develop between player and villain. It becomes an altogether matchless bond filled with frustration, triumph, unadulterated hatred, respect, and ultimately, one extremely treasured experience.

Characters that provide us with such experiences are an undeniably rare occurrence. That’s why XPgaming is counting down the top 10 that video games have produced over the years. It’s a set that includes diabolical humans, an evil Jedi bent on galactic domination, and one sarcastically malevolent android. These villains have not only stand the test of time as being worthy digital adversaries, they have helped to shape and influence the very culture of gaming just as much as our most highly regarded hero protagonists. So without further adieu, here it is: The top 10 video game villains.

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