This is Everything that Could have been in Skyrim but isn’t. Fuck.

If you happen to be a Skyrim fan, the following video will either be the most awesome or infuriating footage you’ve seen in quite some time. Bethesda Game Studios’ Todd Howard, speaking at the D.I.C.E. 2012 expo, demoed a highlight reel of some incredible mods that the team built into The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim during a week-long “game jam” after the game’s release.That’s right. They spent a week working relentlessly on immersive content which they knew would not be included in-game, or at least not for a long time.

What stands out most? I’m compelled to say Kinect-enabled shouts, but if you think about the socially awkward factor of yelling dragon language at the TV, headphones and a controller might seem like the better option. I think it goes without saying that gameplay aspects such as mounted combat and the ability to mount dragons should have been included on the disc at launch. Having to get off of your horse everytime you run into a combat area truly takes away from the game’s immersion, and the fact that “the Dragonborn” can only kill dragons and not utilize them for battle or transportation feels like a misfire on the part of the developer. Here is a list of the features that Bethesda played around with post-launch:

– Seasonal foliage.
– Spears.
– Kill cams for magic and ranged combat.
– Dungeon enhancements like  moving platforms and water currents.
– Paralysis runes.
– New follower commands for combat style and training.
– Building your own home complete with skeletal butler.
– Goblins.
– Ambient occlusion for better visuals.
– Mounted combat.
– Dragon mounts.
– Kinect-enabled shouts.
– Spell combinations
– Ice and fire arrows.
– A Werebear.
– Lycanthropy skill tree.
– Becoming a flying vampire lord, with imp minions.
– An absurdly gigantic mud crab.
– “Fat giants.”

Though it’s disappointing as a fan of the game that these incredibly deep and extensive elements didn’t make it into the launch product, the highlight reel embodies the passion and enthusiasm with which Bethesda employees bring into work everyday. There are few developers, if any, that would be able to pull off the extent and implementation of such massive content, not to mention doing so after their title has already hit store shelves. Here’s hoping that Bethesda has the time and patience required to follow through on including some of these mindblowing gameplay features, because this is the type of DLC that warrants a purchase. Check out the demo reel below:

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