There and Back Again: An Xbox’s Tale

While all art is subjective, and most requires a period of reflection to truly appreciate its value, some pieces immediately cause you to stop and say, “Damn, that’s clever.”

This artwork, from deviantART user Madspeitersen, was inspired by the universe of Lord of the Rings and is the artist’s interpretation of an Xbox360 if it were to appear in the days of Middle Earth, or perhaps just from within Tolkein’s mind. The inspiration behind it quite obviously comes from the Hobbit architecture of the Shire.

The artwork is incredibly detailed from the meticulous stenciling of the hanging moss to the subtle cameo appearance of the Fellowship atop the Xbox home’s left shadow, and it comes together beautifully in a concept that was expertly outlined and executed. What I find most striking of all is how the artist had the presence of mind to relate the Xbox’s circular “on” button and how it is indently carved into the system’s faceplate, to the way in which a Hobbit’s circular front door is carved into the bottom of  protruding hillsides. I’ve viewed the two separately countless times, but my mind simply never formed the gestalt.

Microsoft, take notice. This needs to be turned into a 360 skin ASAP.

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